Mother in the Middle

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mother-in-the-middleAn essay of mine, “Mother in the Middle,” appears on Brain, Child Magazine’s Brain, Mother blog. All the comments on Facebook and Twitter have been so lovely to read.

Here’s an excerpt:

We’re updating our will. For the second time in nine years, I’ll tell an attorney I barely know that—should something happen to Kevin and me—we want my little sister to raise our children.

It’s such a big thing to ask of you, especially since there are now three children who, overnight, would lose everything if we were gone. It’s a lot to ask of anyone, to love someone else’s kids. As an adoptive mother, I’ve been raising other people’s children since the day I became a parent. So I know it can be done.


One thought on “Mother in the Middle”

  1. Jesse says:

    I just read this on Brainchild/Facebook and then searched you on Google – I looked at your Instagram photos before I found you here. I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt a piece of writing more than your Mother in the Middle. Your words gave clarity to what I felt but could not articulate. To say thank you to you does not seem enough but thank you.

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