Book Clubs

Is your book club reading Florence Adler Swims Forever? It’s a great book to discuss with friends because there are no easy answers when it comes to what we would and wouldn’t do to protect the people we love, and especially our children.

If your club is meeting, either in person or online, I’m happy to “Zoom” with your group. What works best is if we time it so that you get your socializing and at least some discussion out of the way first, then I join for about a half hour to answer questions and give you some of the book’s behind-the-scenes scoop.

Richmond-based book clubs: If you bulk-order your books through Chop Suey Books, you’ll get 10 percent off the cover price and I’ll stop by the store to sign everyone’s books before you pick them up.

If you’re interested in scheduling a book club visit, please complete the form below.