The Belle of the Ball: Eastern Redbuds Take Center Stage

The eastern redbud, like the dogwood, is a harbinger of spring. Its flowers—small and pinkish-red in color—bloom early, beginning in March, and long before its leaves come in. Early bloomers, or pollinators, are especially important to insects and birds that have survived a long winter and need to feast on the season’s first flowers.

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Open-Concept Curmudgeon

I have a theory that open-concept living is enjoying its heyday—the way avocado appliances, split levels and parquet floors had theirs—but that one day, perhaps even soon, we’ll all be furiously framing new walls faster than you can say two-by-four. We’re going to wake up from our current DIY daydream and realize that open-concept living is responsible for a large number of divorces and more than a few adult children who never, ever call their mothers.

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Mother in the Middle

We’re updating our will. For the second time in nine years, I’ll tell an attorney I barely know that—should something happen to Kevin and me—we want my little sister to raise our children.

It’s such a big thing to ask of you, especially since there are now three children who, overnight, would lose everything if we were gone. It’s a lot to ask of anyone, to love someone else’s kids. As an adoptive mother, I’ve been raising other people’s children since the day I became a parent. So I know it can be done.

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The Place Where You Live

On the first night we went to bed in our new house, I flicked off the overhead light in our bedroom and couldn’t see the way to my side of the bed. There was no moon, no glow from the naked bulb of a neighbor’s porch light, no yellow streetlamps to guide me. I held my hands out in front of me and felt my way.

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